Give Yourself Permission




Second guessing.


These are all feelings that surround the STUFF cluttering your home.

These are the feelings that clutter your heart.

I’m just grabbing numbers out of thin air here, but let’s just say that for every one item in your home that makes your heart sing with love and happiness there are 10 items that bog you down with the guilt, sadness, second guessing, and fear.  Could that be possible? I think it it is possible in my own home and I have been on this journey for 3 years now!

Why do we harbor these feelings about STUFF?

  • These are some of the things I hear from clients and that I have thought myself:
  • it was a gift
  • it was handed down
  • my beloved (insert relative/friend) wanted me to have this
  • it reminds me of (insert moments of time in the past we try to keep reliving)
  • what if need it someday
  • I can hand this down
  • I spent a lot of money on this
  • I can sell this

Yet, the STUFF remains stagnant; not serving any purpose other than reminding you of what you need to do “later”.

The very sight of it triggers exhaustion and defeat.

It’s the Pandora’s Box of emotional gobblydoop, and who has time for that? Let’s just keep the lid on it and ignore it. But, it won’t let you ignore it. It is still there beckoning your attention.

Sound familiar?

How does your body feel as you read this? I feel quite yucky right now as I write this.

What can you do about it?


I think the very first step is to give yourself permission. Permission to acknowledge the STUFF, the feelings, and then Let It Go. Much of the reasons to hold on to STUFF are tied to obligations and expectations. Two words that make me shudder. Two words telling us to drive our lives according to someone else’s GPS not our own internal GPS called intuition. Two words that are inevitably seeking permission from others.

Intuition: you know, that thing we have had since we were born but for some reason we are steered away from as we grow into adulthood. Intuition is a good thing. Listening to intuition is giving yourself permission.

Giving yourself permission to let go of obligation and expectation.

Embrace intuition and intention.

Acknowledging the feelings and then letting go of the guilt, sadness, second guessing, the fear. Embracing love and happiness. Let go of the what-if and embrace the what is. Let go of the shoulds and shouldn’ts. Embrace your YES and your NO! Your likes your dislikes.

Acknowledge your mistakes and embrace them as learning opportunities.

Let go of being the victim and embrace empowerment.  Let go of who you think everyone wants you to be and embrace YOU!

As you are giving yourself permission to acknowledge, let go and embrace, remember that there will be some “not yet”s. That is also your intuition. It’s telling you to listen more carefully.  To pause.  To slow down. It’s giving yourself permission to really tune into what you NEED in order to let go.

If this resonates with you and you would like to explore this further, please reach out for a chat.

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