Simplicity Coach: What is that exactly?

Simplicity coach: I coach people in getting over the hurdles of de-owning and decluttering their lives to give them the space to tune-in, be present and BE their authentic selves.

I know most can de-own or declutter on their own. However, among the chaos of life, it often gets put way down on the bottom of the priority list. There just seems to be too much STUFF and too little time to do it and that is just plain overwhelming! Yet the desire to have functional, simple, open spaces in the home are still there!

That’s where I come in the picture. I provide a plan of action. I bring priority to spaces that are clogging the flow of daily life and devote time and focus to those spaces. I am the voice of reason when you are waffling on items that no longer serve you. I know what to do with those tricky items. I also can help actually get it OUT of your home (another hurdle). AND I address the emotional component with compassion, gentleness, respect, kindness and commitment.

Just think: If a cluttered space is a cluttered mind, then an open space is an open mind AND heart.

Contact me below if you need more clarification on what a Simplicity coach is.

Thank you and Keep it Simple❤️IMG_2039


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