STOP the Organizing Insanity!!!

There was a time in my life that I was an organization bin fanatic. I literally bought these little lidded containers and spent time sorting through Legos and grouping them with their particular instructions so that my boys could re-build. It was like a home-made kit…that was totally mixed in with the rest of the Legos within hours. Or the cute little bins to store their other toys in so that ALL their toys could be available and look somewhat “fashionable” in my home. There would be an instrument bin, a stuffed animal bin, a book bin, a Little People bin…You get the picture. Only to have them all mixed up and jumbled together anyway. The bins, the money, the time just piddled away trying to organize. Organizing is never-ending until the mind frame shifts and you realize you don’t need most the crap you are trying to organize;) When you pare down to what is essential, used, and loved; organization happens naturally.

That pretty much sums it up! Even if you are a hobbyist, eliminating at least 30% of what you have will help. Most likely you will be glad it is out-of-the-way and won’t even miss it.  Even if you do, it would probably be easy to go out and acquire again for that particular project. It seems that typically hobbyists have more on hand than they use. Much is “just in case” or for the “some day” projects. “Some day” projects are the worst! They constantly whisper to you and then resentment creeps in because “some day” still hasn’t happened because of x,y,z.

The same as for the kiddos and their STUFF. My youngest son has had a little stuffed dog named “Puppy”. Puppy has been with him through many boo boos, emotional upsets, and bedtimes. “Puppy” went to work with Daddy on an adventure in which Daddy took him all over campus and took pictures of him through out the day to share with my son when they returned home. “Puppy” is special. His STUFF that has left the house, has not been missed (I’ll blog about dealing with the kids another time.) Not every thing he owns has “Puppy” status.

When you feel the need to “organize” STUFF  which I can also call managing crap, pause and look at it all. REALLY look at it all. Why do you have it and do you really need it? Are you holding onto STUFF that is holding you back? Are you an artist with a mental block because you have so many books and paints and canvases that you can’t seem to get past in order to get the clear vision for your next piece?  Are you spending too much time on organizing and keeping it organized that you are missing out on being on the floor and building Legos with your kids? Or are you playing Legos with your kids only to be up late catching up on chores and depriving yourself of that precious rest needed to be your best you the next day?

Think about it.


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