Abundance or Scarcity…which do YOU choose to live in?

“When you don’t have what you want, want what you have.” 

Not only is that the secret to contentment, it’s the secret to prosperity as well.

My Dear Mother in Law gave me this birthday card a few years back. I loved it so much, I framed it and hung it in the bathroom so that anybody who is sitting on the toilet will read it. The above quote particularly stands out to me. Why? Because in our consumerist society we grow up with a scarcity model rather than an abundance model. Truly, A LOT of us are abundant, over abundant, even but yet we still are wanting more.

I’ve spent a lot of my time in the past quietly grumbling over student loans while friends’ parents paid for most or all of their education. Feeling a tad jealous about friends’ beautiful weddings that were again, paid for by their parents. And lastly, being snarky about friends’ parents slapping down a HUGE down payment on my friends’ first homes. Having family child care so I could continue with my career in wildlife biology was not an option as both Grandmas worked AND we moved an hour away from our hometown. My friends had, what seemed to me,to be ample child care. My thinking was in the scarcity model.

All that changed. Why? Well, a shift in thinking. What is the commonality in the above paragraph? Focusing on what everyone else had rather than embracing that WE had a sweet wedding on a beer budget with a little help here and there. WE made it work. WE had a little help on our first home and then were able to make a huge profit off of it to buy the home we are currently in. Childcare schmildcare! I fell in LOVE! Priorities changed. WE made it work. When everyone was losing their jobs and their houses was probably when my shift happen. WE were very fortunate that hubby only had furloughs. WE kept our home, our health insurance, our cars. WE kept paying our bills. WE still bought good food and clothes and toys. WE were helping others by passing down clothes, toys, making a meal here and there. WE were fortunate. I started to appreciate what I did have. I was grateful for what we had. My thinking shifted from the scarcity model to the abundance model.

Over the years, I notice a flip flop between scarcity model and abundance model in our home. That scarcity model doesn’t FEEL good at all. Typically when we feel scarce, we accumulate whatever we can whether we need it or not. We hold on to STUFF “just in case”. It’s fear based, really. It has been the past two years that I feel that I have really been in the abundance model and the amazing thing is that now I feel AMAZINGLY prosperous. When I realized that we have an overabundance of STUFF that we don’t really love or need and started de-owning all the STUFF, I felt even MORE prosperous. It feels so good to give! Eliminating the STUFF brings light to what I love and what I use. I want what I have. AND then I don’t accumulate. Which means, I don’t spend. Which means, financially we ARE becoming more prosperous.

This concept applies to so many other things in our lives besides money. I have an experiment for you to try: whenever you start feeling unhappy because of something you don’t have, flip that around, and appreciate the heck out of what you DO have. You don’t have a social event to go to? You have quiet time to take care of yourself! You don’t have those cute shoes? You do have shoes! Lots of shoes you don’t even wear anymore. Hey, there is a shoe drive to repair old shoes that they send to people in NEED of shoes. Hubby doesn’t do the laundry? Hubby cleans the kitchen EVERY NIGHT! The kids won’t listen and get ready for bed? They are actually getting along and enjoying each other’s company. There is always a flip side. ALWAYS.

“When you don’t have what you want, want what you have.”

We are all prosperous, sometimes we just have to shift to wanting what we do have rather than what we don’t. It’s that simple.

3 thoughts on “Abundance or Scarcity…which do YOU choose to live in?

  1. Wow this really speaks to me right now. It seems as though everyone around us is buying a new, bigger, better, more beautiful home, and my DH and I have been struggling with how we feel about it. Why not us? However, we forget that WE are living in abundance. Things are not always as they appear from the outside, so it benefits us more if we focus on the INSIDE (us). Thanks for that reminder xoxoxo

    1. Thank you:) I truly believe that making that shift in your mindset helps the process of simplifying become second nature.

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