Self-care: the Singularity of Girl Power.

Singularity: a point where a measured variable reaches unmeasurable or infinite value*

Flat out, I believe the first step to true empowerment is self-care.

I don’t mean self-care like getting your hair and nails done. I mean self-care like “I need to NOT go to that party tonight because I’m drained and I need to recharge.Sure, my friend may be upset but this isn’t about her, it’s about me. Me and my cup. My cup is empty. I can’t fill anyone’s cup with an empty cup. ”

Not self-care like going to the gym everyday. I mean self-care like recognizing that I’ve been running around all day long, I need a bubble bath and some quiet instead of a work out today.

Not self-care like being “super mom” by running the kids to 3 activities a day, cooking every meal (with only organic), keeping the house spotless, going to the gym everyday and overachieving at my job, the PTA, and whatever group I volunteered for plus showing up to every political rally to be heard. I mean self-care like having someone else run the kids to their activities or maybe even *gasp* not go at all, having the hubby grab a pizza on his way home or letting the kids have cereal for breakfast.

Self-care like listening to my mind, my heart and my gut before you say “yes”. 

Self-care like not over-filling the proverbial plate. Only putting things on that plate that can be reasonably digested. Because if you don’t, there will either be too much left over or I stuff myself.  And that isn’t a good place to be.

Not self-care in trying to fulfill others expectations. Self-care like setting your intentions and recognizing that IS enough. 

Self-care in putting my NEEDS ahead of others’ wants.

Self-care fills our cups and when our cups are full, amazing things happen. 

An amazing ability to set boundaries around myself that nurtures me, my family, my friends. 

Productivity actually increases.

 My sense of self stays intact. 

My mental and emotional strength is stronger.  

I don’t have to muscle through anything to prove my strength. 

I am stronger because I know my limitations and source out the things that are not my strong suit. 

I can shamelessly ask for help when I am not resourced enough to do it on my own or when it is too big for my to handle on my own.

I am empowered because I can take care of myself in all realms.

Our granddaughters, daughters, and nieces are watching and learning from us.

Yes, we want them to do anything they want to do and be treated equally and fairly in the big bad world. We first have to show them how to treat themselves equally and fairly first.

Self-care is the singularity of empowerment. Self-care is the singularity of girl power.

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