From Scattered to Simple

Clothes in the wash. 

Clothes in the dryer. 

Clean clothes waiting to be folded and put away. 

Dirty clothes waiting for their turn to go in the wash.


 Dirty dishes in the sink overflowing to the counter.

Dirty dishes in the dishwasher since it didn’t get turned on before leaving the house for the day. 

How did that not get turned on? Oh yeah, because when the thought popped up to put the soap in and turn it on, a piercing wail from upstairs permeated the house. 

“MOM!!! I need a pair of socks!”   

“In the clean clothes basket!” gets belted out followed by, 

“Oh wait…Nope, they are in the washing machine.” 


Now, where did that check go that needs to be deposited?

 Over on the desk. 

The desk that is overflowing with papers that need to be dealt with  but keeps getting pushed down the priority list as other things come up.

“Hey, what’s for dinner?”


  • Constantly feeling behind? 
  • Always starting projects yet never finishing them? 
  • Spending way too much time looking for things since nothing has a home? 
  • STUFF Everywhere? 
  • Life feels chaotic ALL. THE. TIME? 
  • On top of the feelings of chaos, are there feelings of guilt, frustration, resentment , lack of accomplishment and that life is just one big energy suck?

Have you been nodding yes to all of this?

Guess what? This was my life on a consistent basis. My original blog was titled Scatterbrayned, since that was my typical state of being. 

For the past 3 years I have been working in the trenches in my home to Simplify my and my family’s lives. 

Simplifying through decluttering has literally been life transforming!

Our days move with much more ease and joy rather than with frustration and constant obstacles. There is more time and space for connectedness and experiences with family and friends. There is more living life than just getting through it.

I am excited to share my experiences and work in the trenches with YOU to transform your life from scattered to simple. 

See the “contact me” button on the menu bar? Just click it to message me and I will setup a complimentary assessment call with you so we can start identifying your clogs and obstacles and set you on a path to more joy and ease in your daily life.

We’ll talk soon!


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