LIFE is already complicated. Why are we allowing STUFF to complicate it more?

LIFE is already complicated
LIFE is already complicated.
Births, deaths, illnesses, relationships, school, work…so why do we complicate life more by acquiring STUFF?
STUFF that brings a temporary hit of “feeling good”.
Then the “feel goods” dissipate.
And the STUFF remains, cluttering our spaces and our minds and our hearts.
And then LIFE happens.
The good times are easy. Those times are more “feel goods”.
But what about the tough times?
Are we present?
Are we connected?
Or are we doing whatever we can to “feel good”?
LIFE happens, no matter what.
Life isn’t meant to be GOOD every moment of every day.
Life is meant to be experienced.
The ups, the downs, the all arounds.
STUFF can be a distraction.
STUFF can be an avoidance tactic.
STUFF can be added layers blocking out the ability to be present and connected.
Present and connected to ourselves.
Present and connected to our loved ones.

So when you are going through your STUFF and you are feeling resistance, ask yourself  “why?”
Releasing the STUFF isn’t easy. It’s a labor of love.
Love for yourself and Love for your loved ones.
Because when the tough times in LIFE come, those are the times that you need to be present and connected.
Do you really want the STUFF to be in the way?
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