Simplifying: Tuning out the Static, Tuning into Yourself

I felt so much noise buzzing in my head and body lately and couldn’t really HEAR myself.

My yoga instructor invited us to take 10 minutes a day to fill up this week.

I decided to take her up on that and go a tad further:


Slow Down and Tune In.


These are the words that flowed out of me on the third day…


Day 3 of Tuning in:

Slowing it Down


Didn’t hear my alarm but I didn’t freak out.

Mornings are pretty streamlined these days.

Teen and I were a tad later than usual yet still made it to school with plenty of time.


I usually have a meeting every Wednesday.

I was thinking about cancelling it.

I wasn’t feeling very present, my mind is on more immediate matters right now. She happened to message me that she may or may not make it. I saw that as a sign that it just needed to be scrapped this week. She deserves my presence and I knew I wouldn’t be able to give that to her today.


I felt a PULL (that’s the tuning in part) to shop, reset the house, cook and bake for my family anyway.


The Tween rolled out of bed late, I just rolled with it. Pressuring him makes it worse and honestly, I just want to get him to school on the right foot whether we are late or on time.

I sat in bed with him, laptop on my lap, telling him about the cool website that builds citations for you. He needed to finish his bibliography for his paper. He asked if I would leave and fix him breakfast while he got ready.

I obliged.


We finished up his paper and printed it off while he ate. We ended up at school 25 minutes late.

Better tardy than absent and frustrated.

Turns out his teacher was absent and the projects will be due tomorrow. That worked out.


I shopped for nourishing food for myself and the family. I came home and started cooking and baking and cleaning up the kitchen. All in silence. This was allowing me to be in a somewhat meditative state. Allowing me to tune in and ground.


A few years ago, I would have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Amped up, frustrated, anxious, pressuring, occasionally yelling. It still happens sometimes, I’m human.


However,  I don’t LIVE in that space anymore. I don’t like it there so I don’t visit often.

I like where I live now. I like that I can find my way home quicker if I get lost.


My internal navigation system works way better.

It needs a tune up occasionally.

It needs maintenance, for sure.


I attribute this to shifting into a more simple lifestyle.


Quite honestly, most of the “work” was in my head.

My Teen came home one day and told me he was learning about the 6 components of health in his health class. The 6 components include physical health, mental health, social health, environment health, spiritual health and emotional health. This made such an impression on me on so many levels.  All those components of health are important to me, although, it has been emotional health that I have been striving for these past years for myself as well as for my children.


My emotional health was not doing well and I saw how that was and could affect my children and my husband if I continued the direction I was going.


My emotional health was why I said, “I’m ALL DONE!”


I was caught up in doing everything “the right way” or how “I should or shouldn’t” being doing things that I wasn’t TUNING IN. My anxiety was my mind and body’s way to say, “Helloooo! Pay Attention!!!”


I often see women ignoring their intuition and then having it bite them in the butt time and time again.


There are tons of excuses for ignoring the intuition. I know a lot of them as I have used them.


And now I am in the practice of saying, “F@$k that $h!t!” (I actually want to write a book with that title).


I have to do what I need to do for me so that I can support the emotional health (as I feel the rest of the components fall into place after that) of my loved ones.


That’s the bottom line for me.


So if the Tween is late and the meeting gets cancelled.


If it’s McDonald’s for dinner or a missed practice.


If it’s a missed homework assignment or a cancelled coffee date.


If that’s what needs to be done to TUNE IN and get back on my path, then that is what I’m going to do.


I lovingly invite you to do the same.


Keep it Simple


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