Give Prosperity an Attitude Adjustment

A couple or so years ago, I had an attitude adjustment in regards to prosperity and abundance. I had been experiencing bits and pieces of it a few years prior, but it all clicked into place during a year long program I invested in with Carrie Contey.

What I realized was that I could either live with a mindset of not having enough leaving me constantly feeling empty.


I could live with a mindset of abundance which can leave me feeling full and satisfied.

Usually when people hear or see the word prosperity, their brains go straight to their job, how much they make, their bills and what is in their bank account.

I know I did.

I know my husband did.

And I know that we would spend a lot of focus on what we didn’t have rather than what we did.

And the feelings that went with that were just…yuck.

Exhausted, defeated, struggling feelings.

Feeling stuck with no options.

And underneath all that yuck was a growing feeling that there just has to be a better way.

What I began to do instead was to really focus on those things in my life that  other people in the world (and in some cases our own country) don’t have.

You know, like clean, running water in my house. I would be considered WEALTHY in 3rd world countries.

Access to fresh fruit and vegetables year round. I remember being in Colorado in November and really NEEDING a salad only to find the salad bar not available that time of year.

A roof over my head.

A car to get from point A to point B.

An income to pay bills.

Ability to procure clothing for our bodies.

I think you get the picture.

What I noticed when I started to really appreciate those simple things that we can take for granted, I felt prosperous and oh so very ABUNDANT.

Our financial situation didn’t change.

Our bills didn’t change.

My ATTITUDE changed.

And with that attitude change, I noticed my bank account not getting so close to zero at the end of the month.

I noticed that I felt more positive and fulfilled.

I noticed that I felt more comfortable giving more than I had been in the past, which filled me up even more! This is why I encourage donating items when ready to let them go instead of selling them (more on that in another post).

I noticed that I was being more mindful of how I spent my time and my money and thus gave with more intention (without over spending or over scheduling).

Success, prosperity, and abundance can be found in other areas of life besides educational degrees, promotions, shiny objects, and what sits in the bank account.

Sometimes, when we take the focus off of those types of successes and see the other successes in our life we get unstuck.

We actually open up some space to allow other things to grow.

And sometimes that can even be the almighty dollar.

Keep It Simple!

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