How to Start Simplifying without Letting Go (yet)

My whole gig is to let go of and release whatever you have cluttering up your home, your mind, your heart, your life.

I know what kind of goodness is buried beneath all the crap we have acquired over time that we have such a hard time letting go of.

If it causes an energy drain and sends us down a rabbit hole of guilt, shame, sadness, anxiety, etc. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we walk by, then chances are there is some emotional and physical de-cluttering that needs to happen.

Unless, of course, we are perfectly comfortable and happy living in that rabbit hole. I think you and I both know that we aren’t.

Yet I know how hard it is to go through the STUFF. It’s messy. It knocks us around a bit. It makes us shine a light on some pretty uncomfortable things that we would rather pretend weren’t there.

But they are there.

And ignoring it doesn’t make them go away. It makes them vie for our attention even more. Sometimes using pathways such as anxiety, physical pain, poor health, etc.

A lot of people know this, yet, they still say, “Nope, Karen, I’m not even going to go there. I’m not ready for the emotional de-cluttering component of Simplifying. I’ll just stay where I am. Thanks but no thanks.”

While I want so much for them to experience what it is like coming out the other side, I can’t fight someone for the own healing (as my dear friend and colleague Johanna says).


I’m not a fan of tips and tricks and systems and strategies because I feel they are temporary. Everyone is individual thus there is an individual approach. What works for me may not work for you. I want to help you find YOUR Simple, not mine.

HOWEVER, if you desire to simplify and you are not ready for the work of de-cluttering just yet, then I do have one tip:

Be Mindful of What You Bring In

I have had people express to me about how desperate they are to declutter their home after they unloaded 4 bags from Target that had zero groceries in them.

So,here is what you do when you see something at the store that you like. Before it goes in the cart, ask yourself:

Is it useful?

Will it even be used?


For how long?

Do you LOVE it?

Do you REALLY?

C’mon, really?

What does the item say about you? Does it tell your story? Does it speak to who you are deep down? Will it get lost among the other stuff at home?

Will you be hounding someone to put that crap away in two weeks?

What do you already have at home that may serve the same purpose?


Take a picture and leave.

Go home and then take a good look at what you ALREADY have.

Before you shop the next time, think about where you are going and why.

Then take INVENTORY. What do you have and what do you need?

Challenge yourself to not bringing anything new into the home unless it is needed.

Practice saying “No, thank you.” Even if it is for free!

Do it for one week and let me know how it goes in the comment section.

Keep It Simple~Karen



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