When Clearing out the Clutter, Create a focal point

Create a Focal Point:

Creating a focal point in a cluttered space is a great way to get started.

By clearing a surface and placing something you enjoy looking at creates an anchor for the entire space.

It’s not just a design thing, it’s an energy thing, too. (Read about how a Buddha statue placed in a junky vacant lot transformed a community Here.)


First, you just completed a task of clearing clutter in the name of creation. That’s your first success. Once we have successfully completed a task, our clutter clearing “muscles” are stronger.

Second, we like looking at clutter free spaces. It gives us energy which then produces the momentum to clear out more.

Ever noticed how cluttered surfaces attract more clutter? Well the opposite happens with a clutter free space.

Third, it’s an easy place to set a boundary around for yourself and others to keep clutter free.


I typically ask my clients to send me pictures of their spaces so I can see what’s going on and start brainstorming before we begin our work (whether it be in person or virtual).

For this client, I noticed her jewelry box and thought that would be a sweet space for some flowers. We used this as her anchor in her closet. She can see it when she walks out of her closet every morning.

What a way to start the day! Clear and easy outfit choices and pretty flowers!


Remember, if you are feeling stuck with your clutter I offer complimentary clarity calls, 90 minute GSD game plan sessions, 3 hour in-home or virtual sessions, and a monthly program as well.

You know where to find me if you need me🙂

Keep It Simple


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