Pausing the American Dream Rat Race to Appreciate




Wanting what you have when you don’t have what you want.

We have all experienced feeling that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

I think it is part of being human.

However, when we are stuck in that space of wanting and work so hard to acquire the want on the other side we tend not to see what we do have already. Right in front of us. In the present moment. Which is pretty special in its own way.

When my husband and I took a pause in our own American Dream rat race and actually looked at what we had right in front of us, we realized we were pretty damn fortunate.

A roof over our heads. Food on the table. Clothing on our bodies. Clean water. A job. Our health.

Things that A LOT of people on this earth and even in our own country (ever heard of Flint, Michigan?) don’t have.

My husband and I, our friends, our neighbors, our neighbors’ neighbors, our co-workers, their families, their neighbors, etc…we all have our basic needs covered. And yet, the desire for more and what “they” have drives us to acquire more.

More to the point of renting storage spaces.

More to the point that there is so much, we can’t even come close to having a mental inventory of what we do have.

More to the point that we are putting ourselves into serious debt.

All because we forget to take a pause to deeply appreciate, be grateful and thankful for the very basic human needs that we do have.

Or the beauty of this earth.

Or when our not so little little holds our hand in the car.

Or how the coffee cup warmed our hands.

Or that even though we are tired of the rain, our state is out of drought status.

Or when we were having a crappy day, that person at the store let us go in line before them.

Or the very fact that we are alive and breathing right here and now.

Life became so much less scattered and complicated and so much more simple and joyful when we stopped and were truly, deeply grateful and thankful for all that we did have in the here and now.

I invite you to begin a practice and share with me what shifts you start noticing as you begin appreciating more.

Appreciate. Be Grateful and Thankful and…

Keep It Simple


P.s. I want to thank Carrie Contey for introducing the practice of appreciating to my husband and I. It is truly a valuable tool on so many different levels. To bump up my appreciation practice, I write down 5 per day and add to how those things I am appreciating make me feel. I find it keeps my mindset of abundance stronger by attaching the internal feeling of what I am appreciating.

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