“Step Away from the Books, Karen, and No One Gets Hurt”

Have you ever thought similar thoughts when reading about decluttering?

There are certain categories of STUFF that a lot of my clients and followers are very protective of: books, clothes, shoes, arts and crafts supplies and children’s artwork, and belongings of deceased loved ones to name a few.

When I post about or talk about letting go of items, I can sometimes feel the air being sucked out of the room and the troops being rallied for battle to defend coveted items.

A common misconception about my work is that I’m going to make my clients get rid of things they don’t want to or aren’t ready to get rid of.

While I do want my clients to visit the things they have and take inventory, my goal is NOT to have them get rid of all of it. Rather my goal for them is to evaluate what they do have and determine whether or not those items still play a supportive role in their lives.

Since we can become very protective over such items, we often refuse to even venture a look at these item. We tend to have that “all or nothing concept” in our head and a fear develops that there is an expectation to get rid of items if we are spending time going through them.

These categories overwhelm us, yet we are resistant to do anything about the overwhelm. When we are resistant in this way, we are typically operating out of fear or some component of grief which is ultimately keeping us stuck.

This is not what I want for my clients! What I DO want for my clients is to feel safe and have the courage to visit those categories with an open heart and an open mind. To take a pause in the autopilotness of everyday life and ask themselves, “Hey, what’s important to me NOW? Is what was important to me 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago still important or has it evolved and shifted? Does this book or that craft project really support who I am and what is important to me TODAY? Does that item of my deceased loved one bring feelings of joy and happiness of that person’s life and our relationship or does it bring feelings of anger, pain and struggle?”

When we evaluate our items in these ways, it becomes crystal clear as to what stays and what goes. And sometimes, we have the Not Yets that are left to be evaluated again at another time.

With clarity, comes a sense of peace and knowing which is so very empowering in our everyday life. The level of overwhelm dramatically decreases and we notice our energy increasing. The resistance is gone and the joy in reading, creating crafts, art or outfits, as well as remembering our passed loved ones increases exponentially.

When my posts or talks come too close to your coveted belongings, please know, I come in PEACE. I’m here to help you uncover the joy that lies beneath the overwhelm.

Keep It Simple ~Karen

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