Getting To The Core of Clutter

Keeping It Simple is getting to the core of things. When it comes to STUFF or cluttered schedules, I’m always asking, “Why?” I often sound like an inquisitive toddler when I’m working with me clients because I’m asking why very frequently. Each why that gets answered, helps peel back a layer, getting closer to the core of the particular issue of the clutter.

Why get to the core? You may be thinking that getting to the core sucks. It’s uncomfortable, awkward, painful, angering, saddening. Yep, you’re right. It is AND the point of becoming clutter free is to become clutter free from here on forward not to become clutter free only to accumulate clutter again. If we ignore the core issues of how the clutter gets there, then the patterns are doomed to keep repeating. I’m here to teach you to fish not give you a fish.

While peeling back layers to reveal the core of clutter issues, we are typically peeling back the layers of beliefs, thoughts, ideas, images, etc. that we have taken on over the years that no longer (or never really did) reflect or support who we truly are.


Not only does clearing clutter reveal a beautiful, spacious, open home; it also reveals our true beautiful, open and spacious selves.

For those of you retreating in perfectionism horror at the thought of free writing, hold on a sec, it’s actually quite simple.

Morning journaling has been a practice I have been working on since the beginning of the year. It has been helping me clear some inner world clutter.

I wake up about 15 minutes earlier than I need to so I can start my day with my cup of coffee and my notebook. 

I write the day and date and then I five of the following:




That’s it.

Writing down my appreciations (Thank you Carrie Contey!) has helped shift my mindset from one of lack and scarcity to one of abundance and prosperity. This is actually an extremely important shift in the decluttering process. When we can appreciate the things that we have in life (most often they are not material things) then it is so much easier to let go of material things that just aren’t plain necessary to our lives.

Celebrations or Yay Me!s can be the simplest of things. This morning, I was celebrating that I made a simple, healthy and enjoyable meal for my whole family and that I had tonight’s dinner already lined up. It’s important to celebrate ourselves as we are generally less forgiving with ourselves. 

Again, another important shift in the decluttering process. We tend to hold on to things out of guilt or shame because we spent a lot of money on the item, or someone gave it to us but we really don’t care for it, or because someone else not in the home has put a high value on the item that you don’t share but second guess yourself because they do….etc, etc, etc. 

Focus on what went right, forgive yourself, let it go.

Lastly, I have just recently started writing down Affirmations. These are the I AM statements. These are either statements that we already know about ourselves and these are also statements that we desire for ourselves.

Lastly, I have just recently started writing down Affirmations. These are the I AM statements. These are either statements that we already know about ourselves and these are also statements that we desire for ourselves.






There is evidence of “fake it til you make it” actually being a thing. If you aren’t a patient person but want to be, I AM statements will help get you there.

I AM statements help create awareness around what you want for yourself. They help build confidence and self appreciation. This is important because, again, we tend to focus on what we are not rather than what we are and where we want to be. 

Once again, this is another important shift in the clearing the clutter and Keeping It Simple. As we clear the clutter we are clearing away the things that are not US and that are not going to help us get to where we want to be.

I’m inviting you to give it a go. 




If 5 seems too challenging, go for at least one. Sometimes I have more, sometimes I have less. They don’t have to be HUGE things.They can be simple things like appreciating that morning cup of coffee, celebrating getting out of bed after hitting the snooze button only once, and stating that I AM Love.

This practice helps anchor my day and gets it started in a great state of mind. It keeps me centered on my core self. It helps me to the core of things lying under the surface. It helps me gain and maintain clarity.

I’d love to hear back on what your experience was with this practice. You can reach me at

Remember,  Keep It Simple, always and in all ways:)


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