2020 Intentions. What are your words for the year?

Nurture and Nourish

I’m working on my own Journal Board.

My words for 2020 actually came up in November as I was fertilizing and watering my tree. The poor thing was so depleted from all the chaos going on earlier in the year with construction happening in our backyard. The water had been turned off. Lots of disturbance surrounding it. Workers rinsing off cement and what not right next to it.

It was surviving but not thriving.

When I realized that, I immediately identified with that tree. Myself, my family, my friendships, my business, my home…At that moment I decided nurture and nourish was what I needed to strive for in the coming year. I’ve asked myself several times since then. “Will this nurture and nourish me? My people? My critters? My environment?”

Asking myself those questions has helped me prioritize when I’m feeling blurry. That question helps me gain clarity.

After working on my journal board, I felt inspired to nurture and nourish.

With that intention, I went through my kitchen (the hub of nurture and nourish) and cleared out the fridge of old, expired food to make room for fresh, nourishing food. I also went through a shelf in the cupboard to clear out some old food as well. Releasing the old to make room for the new.

I much prefer intentions over resolutions. To me resolutions are expectations. As Denise Linn says, by having expectations we are limiting the way miracles can appear in our lives.

Expectations feel rigid, while intentions feel more natural and fluid.

What is your intention for the year?

What are your words?

Not sure?

Reach out to me and we can set up a time for a personal journal boarding session.

Remember, Keep It Simple ☮️ ♥️😊