Hitting The Wall

While I have a general structure to my month long Clutter Clearing Adventure, I still design the process with each client for their individual needs.

Although, each client is different there is a common pattern:

2 weeks in, they HIT THE WALL.

Which is why coaching has been good for them because had they done this on their own, hitting that wall would have been the stopping point for them leaving them with yet another unfinished project.

Their motivation has petered out.

Why do we hit the wall?

There are several reasons why this can happen:

1) We didn’t have inspiration along with the motivation.

Motivation is externally driven and when that external force wanes or our inner teenager rebels, we stop. I start our adventure together with a guided visualization which is the guiding light and inspiration for the process.

2) We are just plain tired!

When we are motivated we tend to go full speed and full intensity. Yes, clearing clutter needs to be a priority, however we can’t focus all of our energies on it at the expense of the other important things in our lives. We need to learn how to give it the time and space it needs and know when to say enough is enough today. Tomorrow is another day. It’s all about boundaries.

3) We also become emotionally exhausted.

Sometimes our motivation is emotionally driven. We’ve had it, we snapped, and we blow through the house like a hurricane purging all in our path. When that emotion burns out so does our motivation and often we begin feeling guilt or remorse about the things we purged. We work on keeping grounded while clearing clutter so that the purging is mindful and with intention leaving you feeling amazingly free!

What else do I do to help clients get over this two week wall?

I give them permission.

I cheer them on.

I help them course correct.

I compassionately bring them back to their Inspiration.

At what point do you find your motivation dwindling?

Do you need help finding and holding on to your inspiration?

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