Keep It Simple: Filling Your Empty Cup

Life has been coming at my family full tilt since June.* While my Mom was nearing the end of her battle with cancer, my mother-in-law began hers. I’m not going to go into the details of all the things that happened on a weekly basis that were emotional hurdles. Bottom line, things have been uber tough to navigate through.

Last week, my Soul Sister visited and we chatted about self-care. She is at that point that she just doesn’t know what fills her up.

I remember being there. I was “doing” all kinds of things that were considered self-care yet still feeling utterly exhausted, impatient, and generally wobbly.

I found myself at that junction just two days ago. Hanging by a thread and desperately holding on to it.

Yesterday, was to be a normal school day. I recognized I needed alone time. I recognized that we did not have our staple healthy foods in the house and replenished those. I realized I drank diet soda 5 days in a row and my body is not used to that since I swore it was EVIL to my body. I ate out for lunch but made very healthy choices. I actually made a normal dinner with a salad. I took a shower.

And when I crawled into bed at 9:30 last night and began drifting off to sleep I realized that was the earliest I had been to bed in days.

Today, I feel like a completely different human being.

When your cup gets drained, start refilling it with the basics.

So, here is what worked for me:

When I feel depleted, I need to go back to the basics.

When I say basics I mean BASICS. This is not a time to start the 30 Day Whole Food Challenge or sign up for CrossFit.

No, no, no.

These are the baby steps I took:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Incorporate foods my body is needing like fruit, veggies, protein, maybe even fat.
  3. Sleep! Am I getting enough? Make it a priority.
  4. Movement: Just a walk around the block or some basic yoga stretches. Something that is opposite of what my body has been doing.
  5. Nature: get outside and look at your plants. listen for birds. look at the sky.
  6. Say no to the extra stuff. I don’t have space for that right now.
  7. BREATHE!!

Sometimes all our bodies need to do is to Keep it Simple;)

☮️ ♥️😊


*This was published on my old blog in 2016.

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