5 Steps to Get Your Heart in the Clutter Clearing Game.

Notice I said heart instead of head?

When your heart is in the game no matter it be a sport or work or whatever…if your heart’s not in it, then it’s kinda hard to push yourself over the hump.

When the going gets tough, your head gets going and it usually says, “yeah, I’m done”. Especially when we walk into a super cluttered space.

So how do you get your heart in the game?

Step 1: Have a sit in a quiet, calm space for a few minutes and reach down deep into your heart and ask yourself what is the absolute most important thing to you in your life.

For me, it’s the emotional and physical well-being of myself, my husband, and my boys. I want to be present, supportive and lead with love with them (and most anyone, actually).

At some point, we all lose touch of what’s important. However, if we can clearly identify what is deep down the most important thing, it’s so much easier to bring ourselves back to it.

Step 2: Identify what is taking away time, energy and focus from those important things?

Commitments, belongings, thoughts and/or beliefs…?

Is it volunteering, or toxic friendships? Is it paper clutter or too much laundry? Is it the “have to’s” or the “shoulds/shouldn’ts”?

Once things feel like they are sucking the life force from you rather than giving you life, it’s likely time to clear them away.

Step 3: Dream it up! What are your wildest dreams? Do you want to travel with your children like I did? Or, Do you want to move to a different part of the world? Maybe you want a different job? Or maybe you just want to get in touch with your creative/adventurous self again? How do you want to feel each day for the rest of your life?

When we have something exciting to look forward to, it’s a lot easier to delay instant gratification whether that be impulse buying or just avoiding doing the task of going through the paper clutter.

Step 4: Rate your chaos.

On a scale of zen (0) to 10 (chaos) rate the flow of your day-to-day-life as well as each space in your home. This will be another activity for some quiet time to rate your daily flow. For each space, you may need to sit quietly in each space in your home to tap into how that space feels.

For example, for your day-to-day-flow, do you notice a time of day where life feels like bumper cars? When is that? What’s going on? Is it just you or with people around you?

An example of your spaces, start in your bedroom. How does it feel in there? How do you feel? Do you feel like it is a peaceful and restful space or do you feel unsettled and like there is a to-do list staring at you when you go to sleep and when you wake up?

Step 5: Now assign a rating to how you want your day to day flow to be as well as how you want each space to feel.

Do you want to feel that your bedroom is a sanctuary? A place to rest your mind, body and soul? A place to rejuvenate? Do you want to feel refreshed and restored when you wake up each morning?

When we take inventory of how we feel in a space versus how we want to feel in a space, it’s a lot easier to keep the momentum going in clearing away the clutter.

Humans naturally want to feel better and when we take the time to notice how our habitat is making us feel, there is way more incentive to keep working to create that feeling.

How you FEEL in your space is also how you can gauge your progress. Rather than focusing only on the visual end result, which may take some time to get to, you can FEEL how a space is different and shifting after you have cleared out just one thing!

With these 5 steps:

1. Identify what’s most important to you in your life.

2. Identify what’s getting in your way of what’s most important.

3. Identify your wildest dreams.

4. Current Zen to 10. Rate how your spaces and day-to-day-flow-of-life feel now.

5. Future Zen to 10. Rate how you want your spaces and day-to-day-flow-of-life to feel.

you will get your heart into the Clutter Clearing Game.

Feel free to contact me if you would prefer to be personally guided through this process.

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