How Does it Work

Simplifying is a mindset.

In order to simplify and de-clutter in a successful and sustainable way, an understanding of what the driving forces are behind the clutter needs to be developed. These driving forces can be old beliefs, habits, expectations and ideals that no longer serve you.

As your Simplicity and De-cluttering Coach we work together to:

  • gain an understanding of your clutter
  • identify and prioritize the spaces in your home to de-clutter which promote ease and flow in your daily life
  • tackle those hurdles that have prevented you from being successful in sustaining simplicity in your life
  • shifting the mindset to beliefs, habits, and intentions that currently serve you

After an initial complimentary consultation, we will create a package that will bring your vision of Simple to reality. No matter how big or small, we will make it happen.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, we can still work together even if we live in different parts of the world.

I also hold online group classes, online and in-person workshops, as well as speaking engagements with various women’s groups.