what to do with the STUFF?

A big hurdle for many is what to do with the STUFF!

The following are some resources:

Don’t live near a donation center?

Check out Give Back Box

You grab a box, pack it up, print a shipping label and can even schedule an appointment with USPS to pick up at your home.  A great way to recycle boxes and donate at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Be sure to read the story behind the company.


Have broken electronics, left over paint, batteries, metal scraps, etc and wish to be environmentally conscious of your disposal?

Check out Earth 911

You enter your zip code and what type of waste you have and they will give you local recycling or disposal sites.


Photo albums and boxes of photographs taking up too much real estate in your home?

Digitize them. I’ve seen several ads for this type of service:





Children’s artwork, awards, special school papers invading the whole house?

Check out the Keepy app


Too much junk mail got you overwhelmed?



Paper Karma app


Have clothing or linens that are so worn they are beyond repair and won’t make the cut at a donation center?

Recycle it at H&M


Used baby items including car seats:



Books. Oh, the beloved books…

I LOVE this idea! BookCrossing is after my biologist heart as they encourage either “wild releases” or “controlled releases” of your books into the “wild”. You register your book, label it, release it, and then you can track it as it gets passed on. So FUN!


Miscellaneous items you just don’t know what to do with?

The Junk King does!

The Junk King is a junk hauling service that recycles, donates and re-purposes as much as they possibly can.


If you have any good resources contact me and I will add it to the list!

Thank you!