“I didn’t make time for it (simplifying and de-cluttering). This Klub (keep it simple klub) has been enormously helpful. I continued to de-clutter the same space because it was so big…which has opened me up to de-clutter spaces on my own. I would not have made the time. I would not have independently done that.”

Karen, my self-care has cascaded positively all week. I am in a better mood, less stressed, resulting in better work days and more fulfilling time with my family. Yesterday B and I sat outside, read, did puzzles, talked and I put the phone down. It was awesome. My kitchen and laundry were in control; my cup wasn’t fully depleted like it usually is. It really does all go together.”

Heather H. – San Diego, CA, USA
In-home client and keep it simple klub member
“Working with you as a long distance coach/consultant was great. You are a great listener – approachable, understanding & encouraging, and then incredibly specific with follow-up – summarizing our conversations via email and/or text and spot on with targeted follow-ups.
I was emotionally fragile around my accumulation of stuff and it was so very easy to work with you without shame. Thank you.”


Karen S. – Massachusetts, USA
coaching client

“Karen’s focus is not organizing, but simplifying. I didn’t understand the difference; if things were organized, my life would be simpler. However, after working with her, I get it. Organizing takes what you have and applies a system. Simplifying removes what you don’t use or need, so you don’t need a system.”

Holly D. – California, USA
In-home client
Excerpted from Allergic Revolution

“Karen is a thoughtful coach and a compassionate listener. She will talk you through what might seem to be a small “decluttering” issue and lead you to explore and shine a light on the real issue…usually an emotional or relational issue. In the midst of it all, she maintains light-heartedness and kindness.”

Katherine E. – Baltimore, MD, USA
coaching client

“The biggest take away from the Zoom class was that my mindset comes first. Far too often, I jump to which containers to use or how to place items in the room rather than considering how I feel in the space and how I want to feel in the space. The class made me look at organization in a way that will make the result line up with what I need and want and how it makes me feel rather than someone else’s idea of how it should be done. I know these techniques will help the process be more of a celebration than a chore.”

Kathy S. -Murrieta, CA, USA. Online workshop attendee